Yugo Fast In A Snowmobile Powered Serbian Death Trap

The Serbian built Yugo GV was such an miserably disgraceful excuse for an automobile that even swapping in a LS1 would leave you with a feeling of meh. Its cool...but I'd rather have an F-body Camaro... No. Full stop. The only way you are going to pull a Yugo from the depths of shame is by going full Renée… » 10/23/14 12:27pm Today 12:27pm

Get Back To Basics With A '41 Ford Speedster For $8,900

The art of automobile customizing is in a sorry state today. Most so called hot rod shops simply bolt on expensive aftermarket components and call it done. There was a time when creating a hod rod meant re-purposing components from other cars and if you put a Lincoln Versailles rear end into your Mustang, you… » 10/21/14 10:53am Tuesday 10:53am

The Best El Camino Ever Built Is This '78 Volkswagen Bus

Ever see a car that is oddly well executed, despite how badly it could've turned out given its mission statement? This next feature could be described at the world's largest crew cab pickup or a shorty bus with a bed...whatever you call it, it came out really well given the humble beginning as a crushed bus. » 10/16/14 2:38pm 10/16/14 2:38pm

Rehash The 70s With A Low Mile Dodge Tradesman Van

The first generation Dodge B-series van entered production in 1971 as a full sized workhorse built on what Dodge called a uniframe fully welded platform. The quasi-unibody Dodge was lighter and stronger with a lower load floor compared to the competition and gave the cab-over Dodge better handling characteristics. » 10/09/14 12:30pm 10/09/14 12:30pm

Paging Darth Vader, Your AMC Pacer Has Arrived

The Pacer was a poorly built hatchback from the waning years of AMC's existence on this planet and would have totally rusted into the collective garbage heaps of America if not for the iconic appearance as the preferred ride of two rockers named Wayne and Garth in the groundbreaking SNL skit-crossover-feature… » 9/29/14 1:15pm 9/29/14 1:15pm

This AMG E55 Wagon Is The Automotive Narwhal You Need To Own

The W210 E55 AMG sedan is a supremely capable people hauler, but what about the guy with 5 kids or 3 kids and a few dogs? Sure, you could step up to the R63 AMG, but the W251 platform cars are expensive and suffer from the reliability/brand-whoring of the Daimler-Chrysler era...but it would be better to just find… » 9/26/14 12:56pm 9/26/14 12:56pm

It's Hammer Time In A Cheap 1999 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG

Mercedes-Benz redefined executive class performance when it released the E55 AMG in 1999 for the US Market. Sure, BMW's M5 had been around for a few generations, but it was sabre with manual gearboxes that tempted its driver to carve up corners. The AMG was a hammer, a big tire smoking cudgel meant to bludgeon… » 9/23/14 2:03pm 9/23/14 2:03pm

Four Minilites Plus One Rover V8 Equals MGB Perfection

MGB's exuded a jaunty personality ever since their introduction (at the Earls Court motor show in September 1962, priced at £690 plus £259 tax), yet they were always lacking in some soup. They carried on with the same basic shape, design until '74 when the US DOT safety nazis ruined a really good looking car. » 9/19/14 12:08pm 9/19/14 12:08pm

The Most Radical Citroën Dyane Buffet Tanker Truck Ever Built

I have to admit that Italy's car customization regulations are a mystery to me (having only spent time there as a tourist) but it seems that the laws must be based on Texas vehicle code and turning your Dyane in a faux tanker truck/buffet is just another weekend filled with welding fumes and cheap Chianti. » 9/17/14 1:20pm 9/17/14 1:20pm